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16 SEO Chrome Extensions You Can not  Live Without

Tons of people use Google Chrome on a daily basis, and for good reason. Chrome extensions make life easier, and SEO extensions are especially useful for marketers. They can help you track your performance, rack up rankings, spy on competitors, and analyze metrics about your progress.   1. Keywords Everywhere for faster keyword research     Keywords Everywhere is a free tool that can help you save precious time on keyword research so that you can get the rankings you want quicker. With this extension, you can check out the cost...
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How to 91x Website Traffic

  Every once in a while you run an SEO campaign that changes the way you do everything. The lessons you learn, the challenges you face, and the results you achieve inspire you to rewrite your whole SEO game plan. This is the story of one of those SEO campaigns. As you might already know, I’m a director of a very talented SEO agency called The Search Initiative (TSI).  Since coming on, we’ve encountered many wins and this case study is one of them. In a few months, we lifted their...
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How To Do a SEO Content Audit For Your Website

  You’ve probably heard the saying, “content is king.”   While having a technically sound website and strong link profile are great accelerators for SEO dominance, these days, they’ll hardly move the needle if you don’t have a solid content strategy.   Making sure that things like your page titles (aka title tags), headings, and meta descriptions are optimized for your primary keyword are important too, but a thorough content audit will help seal the deal.   In this article, you’ll learn how to perform a content audit in detail...
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8 SEO tips for ranking your content on Google

Finding correct SEO tips and getting ranked in the top 10 search results for your business-related keywords on Google is a dream of every website owner. If you own a blog, a portfolio website, or an e-commerce store. I’ve carefully crafted 8 SEO keys (search engine optimization) that will help you not only rank well on Google for your keywords but you can also push all the way to the first page of ranking. Everyone knows huge traffic comes from the 1st page of search results, nobody bothers to...
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6 Reasons Why Your SEO Strategy Is Not Working

  Having an online presence is a necessity these days. Without that, it is very hard to get any visibility among potential clients and opportunities. Since most entrepreneurs understand this fact, they often try really hard to implement an SEO strategy that they feel will work wonders for them. The SEO strategy is often based on sound client data analysis and survey and an understanding of the current SEO trends. A lot of case studies are read through to make sure that the SEO strategy is the best possible...
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Here how you can drive more, free traffic to your website

Every person who is into blogging or content writing is worried that the traffic on their website is low. They check the analytics and find out, hardly any new visitors come to their website or blog. Well, Engaging visitors will not happen overnight my friend. It will take some time and hard work to get your blog indexed properly in different search engines. However, there are a few hidden paths that can help you generate traffic The best idea is to write good, highly trending content. It is always...
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Free Backlinks List

Discover Free & Easy Backlinks and Boost Your Website's Google Ranking Web site Link Type DR Dofollow 90 Dofollow 90 Dofollow 90 Dofollow 90 Dofollow 90 Dofollow 90 Dofollow 90 Dofollow 90 Dofollow 90 Dofollow 89     S NO Site List DA 1 90 2 90 3 90 4...
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