Search Engine Optimization

30+ On-page SEO MCQs with Answers (2023)

This set of 30 multiple-choice questions covers various aspects of On-Page SEO, including factors affecting website usability, user engagement, local businesses, e-commerce websites, blogs, social media sharing, security, voice search, featured snippets, and mobile-first indexing. Test your knowledge and improve your understanding of On-Page SEO with these questions and answers. You can also practice Off-page SEO MCQs with answers.   Which of the following is NOT a part of On-Page SEO? a) Meta tags b) Image optimization c) Backlinks d) Internal linking Answer: c) Backlinks Which HTML tag is...
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30+ Off-Page SEO MCQs with Answers (2023)

  Looking to improve your knowledge of off-page SEO? Check out these sets of 30 multiple-choice questions with answers covering various off-page SEO techniques such as directory submission, social media marketing, link building, and more. Sharpen your knowledge of off-page SEO and take your website’s ranking and visibility to the next level. You can also practice On-page SEO MCQs with answers. Which of the following is not an off-page SEO technique? A) Guest posting B) Social bookmarking C) Keyword research D) Broken link building Answer: C) Keyword research Which off-page SEO...
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Top 10 SEO Plugins for WordPress in 2023

SEO plugins are a vital component for WordPress websites, as they enable users to optimize their site for search engines, which in turn enhances the site's ranking in SERPs. Devoid of these plugins, it can be arduous and time-consuming to ensure that a website is adequately optimized, ultimately leading to reduced visibility and traffic.   SEO plugins offer an array of features that facilitate tasks such as keyword research, content analysis, sitemap creation, and 404 error monitoring. Additionally, they enable users to effortlessly generate meta tags, optimize URLs, and...
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Using ChatGPT to create SEO landing page briefs has been a revelation

Using #ChatGPT to create #SEO landing page briefs has been a revelation. It has saved me SO much time and is exceptional at understanding the context needed. I screenshot my SEO brief creation process using ChatGPT - simple, effective and covers most basis. I'm still refining it, as I realise that my inputs greatly impact the value I get back. You can see that I rephrase a few questions to get what I need and that I'll need to tweak some areas with my own input. But those areas are VERY small. And the...
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How Google E-A-T Works

E-A-T stands for "Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness" and it's a quality rating system used by Google to evaluate the credibility and usefulness of content on websites. Google uses E-A-T as a way to determine which pages should rank higher in search results. Expertise refers to the knowledge and skills required to create and present the content. Google checks the author’s qualifications, and the website's information to see if the author is an expert on the topic. Authoritativeness refers to the website's reputation as a source of information for the...
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Why Your Social Media Strategy Does not Get Any Engagement Inbox

There could be several reasons why your social media strategy isn't getting engagement, such as: You're not targeting the right audience: Make sure you're reaching the people who are most likely to be interested in your content and products. Your content isn't interesting or relevant: Make sure your content is interesting, informative, and relevant to your audience. You're not posting at the right time: Make sure you're posting at times when your audience is most active on social media. You're not using the right platforms: Make sure you're using the...
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What The Highest Converting Websites Do Differently

The highest-converting websites typically have several key elements in common. These include: Clear and compelling value propositions: They clearly communicate the benefits of their products or services and make it easy for visitors to understand what sets them apart from their competitors. Strong calls-to-action: They use persuasive language and design elements to encourage visitors to take a specific action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter. User-friendly navigation: They make it easy for visitors to find what they're looking for and understand how to use the...
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